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Cancer Collaborative Partner

Green Bay Radiology works in partnership with the Regional Cancer Collaberative. We offer the full spectrum of diagnostic and supportive services. A brief listing of some of the oncolgocial-support servies we provide are as follows:

Central Venous Catheter Access, Support and Removal:
Patients may need a central venous line (port-a-cath, dialysis catheters, tunneled catheters, etc.) for long-term central venous access. This provides a safe and effective method for frequent blood draws, a route for administering treatments such as chemotherapy or antibiotics, and provides dialysis access.

Vertebroplasty is a pain treatment for vertebral compression fractures in the acute or subacute setting. The procedure is a nonsurgical treatment performed by interventional radiologists using imaging guidance. The radiologist stabilizes the collapsed vertebra with the injection of medical-grade bone cement into the spine. This reduces pain, and can prevent further collapse of the vertebra in patients with osteoporosis or metastatic bone disease. Vertebroplasty dramatically improves back pain within hours of the procedure, provides long-term pain relief and has a low complication rate, as demonstrated in multiple studies.

PET Scan:
Some of the imaging centers that Green Bay Radiology works with offer PET scans. Positron emission tomography (PET), is a diagnostic examination that involves the acquisition of physiologic images based on the detection of radiation from the emission of positrons. PET scans are used most often to detect certain types of cancer and to examine the effects of cancer therapy by characterizing biochemical changes in the cancer. PET scans can also be used to detect coronary artery disease of the heart and a number of neurological disorders (including memory disorders, brain tumors, and seizure disorders).

In cancer care it is often necessary to take a small sample of soft tissue for diagnosing certain lesions. Green Bay Radiology uses the latest techniques by incorporating imaging guidance for precise sampling. Ultrasound, flouroscopy, CT, and even MRI can be used to guide this procedure. These procedures are routinely done on an outpatient basis with minimal risk to the patient and minimal recovery times.

Chemotherapy Embolization:
Chemoembolization is a cutting edge technique that uses a small catheter to deliver chemotherapy agents directly to a tumor. This is combined with an embolic agent that effectively 'traps' the chemotherapy in the desired targe and limits the blood supply to the tumor. This is most often used in the liver, but has been used to treat tumors that have metastasized from colon, breast, pancreas and other sources. This procedure is generally performed on an outpatient basis, and requires consultation between the referring physician, the patient, and the performing interventional radiologist.